The Adventure Begins

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Welcome to Leadership Adventure, a weekly blog designed to help improve your leadership skills.

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Why Leadership Adventure?

There’s a lot of great leadership material available. In fact, that’s the problem. Sorting through it can be overwhelming. That, combined with pressures of work, family and other areas of life make it difficult to carve out time to systematically improve our leadership.

That’s where I hope I can help. Each week, I’ll provide a short post focused on one aspect of your leadership life, along with one action item to help you reflect on and improve in that area. Over time, you’ll create a library of customized leadership material simply by investing a few minutes each week.

I’ll also curate other materials such as books, articles, leadership tools, interviews with leaders and more. I’ll try to bring to you what I find most impactful to save you some time.

So – welcome to the adventure! I hope you stick around – we’ll have some fun along the way and become better leaders together.

See you next week!

Marv McCarthy

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