Four Points and a Poem

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Our church founded a community outreach center in 2019. We call it a “workbench” for our community. There are a lot of needs in our area, including food insecurity, substance abuse, single-parent households and a high poverty and unemployment rate.

The official name is the RE:center. You can check it out at and learn more about what we do.

The Executive Director at the RE:Center is Pam. Pam says that our job is to help people move from “survive” to “thrive.” This was new language to me but what a great description it is. I learn more from her every time we talk.

Since inception, the growth at the RE:center has been astounding. As with any organization, especially those managing a large number of volunteers and donations, rapid growth brings a lot of challenges. So, Pam and I have started working together to address some of those. The goal – more community impact.

To do that, we are using a four-step process. Today I’d like to share it with you. You may be able to adapt it to your situation.

Here are the four steps: Identify, Clarify, Simplify and Amplify. We’ll tackle each one individually.

First – Identify.

Growth creates gaps. This is normal. The first thing we’ll do is to identify those gaps and gather the data needed to close them. Basically, what is the actual state of things compared to our perceived state. And, ultimately, our desired state.

Second – Clarify.

Once we’ve identifed the gaps and gathered all the relevant data, we’ll begin clarifying what adjustments or changes we need to make. Remember that clarity is important at three levels: purpose, roles and plans. We’ll be tackling all three.

Third – Simplify.

This is the part that isn’t so much fun. To create a solid foundation for future growth, we may have to cut back or eliminate a few of the things we are doing now. Do some pruning, if you like. The good news is that with proper pruning new growth will sprout. And that brings us to the fun part.

Fourth – Amplify.

The first three steps will result in us having a stronger and more stable team, stronger finances, renewed focus and a plan for expansion. Then we can amplify our efforts as we put those plans into action. And I’m very excited about that.

Think through your own work this week. You may not need to go through all these steps, but are there any situations where you can apply one or more of them to increase your impact?

And, if you are in the Pinetop-Lakeside area take a few minutes and stop in. Someone will be happy to show you around.

Finally – I have a confession to make. I don’t really have a poem. But I’m thinking you’ll thank me for that.

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