An Overview of Leadership Adventure

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I created this short video last year as a test. It’s a little rough, but I decided to share it more widely now as it does give you a good feel for where I’m headed in developing future content for Leadership Adventure.

As mentioned in my last news post, 2MT or “Two Minute Tips” will be launched within the next two weeks. That is the first step in my video journey. I’m also currently developing an on-line training platform with a combination of both free and paid courses and materials. Another feature of this platform is a built-in on-line community where, over time, we can exchange ideas with each other in order to continuously improve our leadership.

I’m extremely excited about these developments and what it will mean for our growing community of like minded leaders who are serious about improving their leadership skills and translating those skills into maximum impact in their personal and professional lives.

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Finally, be on the lookout for tomorrow’s blog post called “The Compass Rose of Company Culture.” A healthy culture is vital to your organization’s health, so you don’t want to miss it.

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