“Two Minute Tips” is now “Raise the Bar”

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Since the mid-80s, one of my favorite leadership sayings has been “raise the bar.” I’m fuzzy about when I first adopted it, but it resonated with me early in my career and I’ve used it pretty consistently ever since.

On March 23, I rolled out the “Two Minute Tips” video segment. After several months of production, I’ve decided to make a few adjustments. I guess it’s like building the plane in the air, but hey – that’s what keeps life interesting!

This Thursday, “Two Minute Tips” will become “Raise the Bar.”


I love the 2MT concept and format, but I’d like to dig a little deeper with you each week. To do that, I need a little more time. I may re-purpose 2MT down the road, but I’m tabling it for now.

One of the things I’ve become passionate about and committed to over the last few years, primarily with the assistance of several close friends, is the idea of helping people unlock their purpose in life and then begin living it out.

In fact, walking alongside them these last months has caused me to re-examine my own purpose during this season of my life, which is this:

“To connect, catalyze and activate leaders of leaders for maximum impact.”

All my efforts henceforth are built around integrating all aspects of my life to accomplish that purpose. I believe it to be my primary focus for the remainder of my life.

More about that later, but for now suffice it to say that – while it’s a short sentence – it’s been forged and refined over 63 years of my own life story and experience.

So, “Raise the Bar” will be dedicated, at least for now, to exploring a multitude of areas surrounding purpose, impact, and making a difference.

Things that all of us, down deep, yearn for. But things that sadly, almost 80% of our fellow human beings never realize.

As with all my content, the DNA encodes a focus on immediately actionable concepts and ideas. Things that – over time – I hope will contribute to all of us, as a community, being the best leaders we can be.

Leaders that are committed to leaving the world a better place than when we entered it.

In closing, I’m asking you to lean in a little more, invest a few extra minutes each week, and keep an open mind about the possibilities for the future.

And the difference that each of us can make in it.

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