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There is nothing quite like rolling a strike in bowling.

Once you release the ball, there is a sense of growing excitement and anticipation when you realize that the ball seems to be on the right track.

Then – BAM – there is a small thunderclap as the ball hits the pins and they fly all over in response. Nothing left standing. The impact is immediate.

But, if the ball is off by even a small margin, what looks like a strike can actually end up being a 7/10 split, where you have two pins left on the back row. One on the far left, and one on the far right.

For leaders, the same is true about our impact. If we vary even slightly from the right trajectory, our impact can be significantly reduced and even produce unintended consequences.

This week, as we make the switch from “Two Minute Tips” to “Raise the Bar,” I’ll summarize the ideas that we’ve discussed over the last six weeks or so, and provide you with a step by step process for moving toward maximum impact over time, and staying on course.

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